Royal Blue and White Desired | Women's white T-Shirt

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To be desired by most and envied by the rest! You are perfectly satisfactory! As iron is eaten by rust, so are the envious consumed by envy. Antisthenes

This short sleeve top is made of skin-friendly and breathable fabric, featuring a crew neckline, loose fit, curvy waistline, which makes you shining in the crowd. Daily wear with a casual basic style, easy to pair with jeans, leggings, shorts for a fantastic spring outfit. Various colors to meet your different fashion needs. 

Tailored with short sleeves that offer ample coverage for the arms without hindering movement. Add this essential basic t-shirt to your wardrobe to mix and match effortlessly at all seasons. Hand wash or machine, do not bleach, steam iron or handheld steamer.You can easily wear it and quickly take it off, making it ideal for people who are always in a hurry or on the go.