HBCU & Greek Life

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) typically start the new academic year with some of the first campus tours and students will be eager to ask questions about fraternities and sororities on campus at their black university. For those of you who have never attended a sorority on a campus of a historically black college, you will be amazed by the sorority culture, and how your experiences at a sorority will change you as a person.

Search you will find out more about HBCU Colleges! From how the list of HBCUs that were once thought to be black only colleges or all-black colleges have now become the most diverse black colleges in the nation! If you're looking for historically black colleges and universities, you're looking for more than just a back college! 


As I said before, there are many forms of the sorority. While there is nothing wrong with choosing a black sorority, some students may wonder if they should join one at their HBCU. There are a number of reasons why these sorority girls choose to belong to their specific sorority; it could be that it is the most popular among sorority sisters, or it could be because there is a specific "tribe" of sorority women that goes together. Historically black colleges have always had black students!


If you are a member of a sorority or fraternity at your HBCU, you may not feel like it is your responsibility to tell everyone what organization you belong to, but you can be the one to point out that you are a member of one of them. If you are interested in going on a tour, you may find that there are several tours that are being offered at different HBCU campuses. You may also find that there are fraternity or sorority members who will volunteer to be the tour guide for your group because they enjoy helping other students learn about greek life. There are opportunities to join greek letter organizations at most Historically Black Colleges and Universities and if you visit one during your trip to an HBCU, you will soon discover that there is much more to being a part of a greek organization than you first assumed.