Do IT Today or Regret Tomorrow

Do IT Today or Regret Tomorrow

Are you tired of postponing your dreams because "tomorrow never comes?" Guess what? Tomorrow never comes...or is it already here? Am I right about this? I've often procrastinated, put off my dream to write a novel and come up with excuses such as, "It's not today."

 Sometimes, the days just don't seem like days at all! We can't get out of bed, we can't get started, we can't get anything done...or even get started at all. But why? I think it's because I was procrastinating when it came to writing my novel!


I know how it feels. Every year, I sit down and go over the plans I have for my novel. Every year I go back and add things that I would have done if I had started writing six months ago!

 It was only four years ago when I finally got my big dream to materialize, but I still haven't. I don't know why I have so much procrastination in me, but I am.

 And now I'm going through all that work and time and again, just to get something written down in a book. And then when I get home and sit down and start typing out pages, my computer freezes up on me!

 I want to start writing again. I want to have the perfect novel that's sitting on a shelf, waiting for me to get around to finishing it. The problem is that I am so tired of procrastinating.


I don't want to spend any more time working on my novel, but I'm afraid I will. So I try to put off the day when I will have to get up and go to work. I can't stop procrastinating, but I can try to get up each morning and start my day thinking of more reasons not to get out of bed!


And that's it...done! I'm now writing my first novel!


Writing a novel is one of the most challenging things a writer can ever do. Because it involves a lot of emotion, writing about the human condition, about emotions, is a different experience from just writing about your own thoughts and feelings. When you are writing about someone else's life, there is no emotion involved, so there is no way to capture the emotions they feel.


Writing is about capturing the emotions that are held inside of a writer's mind and putting them into words. That's what makes writing great literature.


Writing a book is very similar to writing a song. If you're writing a song, you must have some lyrics written down so that you can play them when you are listening to the music you want to hear. and write lyrics so that the chords go well together to make the song.

 You need to write about what you want to write about to get the best out of your writing. And if you aren't good at writing, that's okay, you're not going to write an amazing book!

 It's just that the story you are creating is going to be a masterpiece. When you're writing a book, you need to make sure that you're not wasting your time on words that won't help you when you're actually writing the book. The last thing you need is to be stuck at the writing table with nothing but bad ideas.

 Writing is a creative process and it takes energy to get the best out of it. So give yourself a break and take a breather from your writing projects and relax!

 Writing is one of the most important time of your life. Make sure that you take some time off and relax.

 Once you have taken a break, spend that time writing. I know that's easier said than done, but that's just because you need to write down your ideas before you write.

 You see, you have to be disciplined enough to write every day. And you have to write every day until you've had a productive writing day.

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