Why is it called a T-shirt?

Why is it called a T-shirt?

Darius Eure
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Why is it called a T-shirt?

Usually, a collarless cotton shirt is called a T-shirt. Look at the picture above it is an ideal T-shirt. It can be sleeved or, sleeveless. It looked like the English letter "T". Maybe that is the reason why people call it a T-shirt. It is a 19th-century cloth. 

When It Was Launched For The First Time

During the time of the Spanish-American war, the Cooper Underwear Company announced a new cloth for the bachelors. No buttons or, pins needed to wear this beautiful undershirt, a t-shirt. From that time is popular among the bachelors and people of all ages in 2020. In the past, it was worn as an t-shirt. But now it is used as the only piece of cloth. V neck, Round neck, Sleeved, Sleeveless, and many types of variant is available in the market. 

T-shirt Carry Messages

Nowadays, a T-shirt is used to express the message. There are many things which I can't say in public, but we want to. T-shirts can a great form to express those messages. You can use texts, cartoons, symbols, or, paintings to express your ideas. There are many things to express such as-

·     A message to friends

·     Message to society

·     A declaration for everyone

·     Express your ideas

·     Express your status

·     Express your feelings

Many people use T-shirts as a form of movement. They express their disagreement, their thinking about society. Writer, singer, sportspersons, scientists all have their own taste and interest. Everything can be expressed through T-shirts very easily. 

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