How Many T-Shirts Should A Man Have?

How Many T-Shirts Should A Man Have?

Lacoyia Eure
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How Many T-Shirts Should A Man Have?


It depends. A man should have 8-11 t-shirts if he wishes to wear different T-shirts on each day of the week. There are poor guys in the world who wear a shirt for the whole week. Because they can't afford to buy a new one very easily. 

How Many Are Too Many?

You may have different T-shirts for different occasions. Birthday, Christmas,  Weeding and a lot more days are important in your life. You need different T-shirts each day. You can't wear a completely black shirt except at a funeral. 

I think 20-25 T-shirt is okay. You can think of wearing a different T-shirt on each day of the month. In that case, you need 30+(5-10) T-shirts. There may be your favorite shirt which you like to wear very often. 

Time Saving Idea:

There are some people who want to save their time and make a better decision. If you have too many T-shirts you will try to choose the best one among them.

Think that you have no option. You have to wear a T-shirt with the same design every day. A person can not make plenty of good decisions in a day. So, you need to make the best decision for the most important things- like business or, family. Choosing a T-shirt is not so important. 

In that case, you can buy 3-7 T-shirts with the same design. And wear it every day. One-color T-shirts are the most popular for this purpose. Live a simple and happy life. Oh! the answer to the question is it depends on you


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